It is hot in Texas
It is hot in Texas
It's hot in Texas but cool in your house.


Stay Cool austin team


Travis couldn't come more highly recommended.  He changed the filter and everything started working again.  Duh!  Then he showed me how to change the filter myself and told me if I did it once a month during the long May through October Summer  that the problem would go away.  Wow!
Travis did a fine job of looking over my air conditioning and determining what was wrong with it in a timely manner.  He is great!  He also fixed my car, computer, cell phone, water heater and fascia!

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The first semester is over!
May 8, 2017
The semester is over and I am excited to say that I got straight A's.  I enjoyed the classes, some more than others and am looking forward to learning more in the summer. My mom's air con
Kickstart Capacitor and Potential Relay
April 2, 2017
Bob said good things about the Kickstart.   Bob is sort of a Luddite as far as the internet goes so I'll have to clarify for people of the internet what a Kickstart is.  I has nothing to do
Compressors are the heart of your air conditioning
March 29, 2017
The A/C unit outside of your house is called the condenser.  Inside of it are a couple of things:  The condenser coil and the hermetically sealed compressor.  The compressor's job is to pump

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